is it organic and BPA free?

I am frequently asked the question “is the soup organic” Heres the scoop on that:

1. About 80% of the vegetables in Farmers Market Inspired Soups are sourced from the farmers markets. Many of our local farmers can not afford to get the certificaton required to be called “organic” even though they may meet all the qualifications (think: non GMO, no pesticides, hand weeding, no chemical fertilizers). I am very involved with the farms I purchase produce from and can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that these guys produce clean produce. Some of my favorites? Bautista Farms, Cortez Farms, Dela Cruz Farms, Mt Olive, Haussler Farms, Bounty of the Valley Organic Farm, Dragon Springs Farm, Charan Springs Farm, Domingo Farms and Ralph Johnson. Oh, and that other 20 %? Its typically onions, potatoes and garlic. I source my garlic from Christopher Ranch in Gilroy they use an heirloom seed and practice organic farming. The potatoes and onions come from a variety of sources but I always call the farms to make sure they don’t spray thier produce if they don’t have an organic cert. Oh, and the mushrooms… I use only oak log grown shiitake mushrooms (this means they do not “suck up” contaminants from the soil…mushrooms are natural filterers) I source these from a small family farm in Pistol River, Oregon.

2. Beans, Rice, Quinoa, Amaranth, and other dried goods are sourced from UNFI, a western united states organic foods distributor. All these items are USDA certified organic. on raaaare occasion an order won’t come in and I have to source from a non organic place but again…this is rare and I can usually find it organic anyway =)

3. Oils: I use organic coconut oil and organic olive oil

4. salt: I use exclusively Himalayan Pink Salt

5. I do not use any products that contain or have been stored containers containing BPA, lead or PVC.

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