Why Don’t You Make More Soup?


I must start out by giving a BIG HUGE THANK YOU for my loyal customers who have created something of a soup “frenzy” at the beginning of each market. Thank You for coming in the rain, the wind and Global Warming…you guys are seriously awesome. Like, seriously.

Ok, I get asked this question at least twice per market so I feel as though it gets its own page. The simple answer is that it all comes down to quality. When I started this business I wanted to create one product on which I could focus all my attention. I have learned through operating my former cafe that quality gets diluted the larger an operation becomes. This is not always the case in business, however, in my personal experience, it is. I love knowing that each soup that is served to my customers has been carefully prepared without the distraction of preparing additional menu items. I love that my customers who have severe food allergies can ask me directly if my soup safe to eat for them. I love that I can focus all my attention on one thing in the kitchen each day: preparing healthy, balanced soups loaded with the finest local ingredients. There is a point when you reach a certain quantity that the “finest” becomes the “second finest.”

So theres the quality issue…onto the “quantity.” I rent commercial kitchen space from the Community Center in Cambria. It is the largest available commercial kitchen space available to me locally. I have an 8 burner gas range and 2 large convection ovens. I have 4 HUGE pots that are able to fit on the stove and when those pots are full, the quantity has been maxed out. Sure, I could rent another kitchen, hire a person to make the soup while I was at the farmers market…but then we run into the quality issue all over again.

Is it a horrible business plan to run out of product? probably. But I must stand firm in my integrity. Please know you can always “pre order” soup for the following week (I typically know what I’ll be making a couple weeks in advance). You simply bring a jar, pre-pay and let me know what flavor you want and I place you on a “pre order list” and you can pick up your soup anytime during market hours the following week. Its kind of like the daylight savings of the soup world…same amount of soup, distributed in a slightly different way. Thanks for reading.


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