Pre order info


Sorry, we don’t take online or phone pre orders at this time. Please read on for how to pre order your soup:

Ok. So. I know, I need to make more soup. In the mean time, here’s how you can have guaranteed soup at the soup booth and never wait in line:

1. Ask what’s being served for the following week

2. tell us what soup(s) you want and which market you will be attending

3. Pay for your pre order (you can drop off your jars with us or we can provide you with loaners)

4. Pick up your soup anytime during the market you requested

(note: if you plan to make a pre order for the following week, you may have to wait a few minutes if you come during the rush…like 15 minutes before or after the start of market…easier to come during a slower time, remember, you have guaranteed soup )

If you forget to pick up your pre order soup, I’ll do my best to get it to you but unfortunately, I can’t offer you a refund as I hold it till the end of market and am unable to sell it. Please, if you pre order, make sure you can make it to market the following week.

Finally, I try to make it to market very consistently, however, should you have a paid pre order and I can’t get there for unforseen circumstances, you will recieve a refund or credit for the next time.


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