It takes a village to raise a soup business, here are some of my heroes. Many thanks to you guys who make it all possible:

Richard and Susan Burchiel (mom and dad), these two are some real winners and a wonderful example of true, unconditional, altruistic love.

Kaley Nye, Zan Nye, Alysha Nye, Seth Nye, Chris Nye and Delmer Nye (the husband and company) Thank You for helping me load and unload my truck, pick up emergency supplies, taste weird soups, and maintain a general level of sanity when mine seems to be in question

all the staff Morro Bay Community Center, Public Services and City Hall, thank you for providing me with an amazing commercial kitchen, with out you guys, there would be no soup.

Carlos, Morro, Linda, Julia, Iris, Jose, Mike and Carol, Rudy, Ralph, Jack, Mike L., Matt, Jesse, Gary, Eddie, the Peacocks, Jack and Jane, Mom and Dad, and Amber THANK YOU FOR GROWING THE MOST AMAZING VEGETABLES ON THE ENTIRE PLANET AND USING YOUR HANDS INSTEAD OF PESTICIDES!!!! I have tremendous respect for you guys!!!!

Sam: Thank You so much for taking the time to photograph this little soup operation so everyone can see “soup lady” in action.

Honda: thank you for making a two door honda civic hatch back that can hold 25 gallons of soup, three folding tables, one farmers market tent, one ice chest, a cash box, one bucket of water, and typically about 50 lbs of organic vegetables…oh, and me. **update: we’ve expanded to a truck, however, let’s always remember how awesome that little civic was!) 

Scooter, Stitch and Tonto, thanks for making me feel awesome and unconditionally loved when I come home. I do it all for you guys and your unrelenting demand for treats. 

Summer : amazing, beautiful ladeler of soup at the Farmers Market, you bring calmness to an otherwise extremely chaotic situation and Im sure the customers appreciate that they don’t have to wait in line for half an hour anymore.

Robin Gable, Jeff and Rebecca Nielson, Peter Jankay: the managers of the Baywood, Cambria and Morro Bay markets, respectively. Thank You for constantly standing up for the rights of the small farmer, small mobile food vendors and the customers. You are unsung heros who typically recieve more critisism than compliments. I think you do outstandig work for the central coast of California.

Greg and Tanner and all of Sunshine Health Foods: thank you for ordering me huge amounts of beans and cashews and being kind enough not to profit from it. You two truely run a business with integrity and deserve to be wholeheartedly supported by the community.

All of you GLORIOUS customers: Every week you come, you share a brief part of yourself with me, you hand me an empty mason jar and are on your way all the time never realizing you have made me one of the happiest people in California. Every week, your dedication allows me to take pleasure in what I do. You let me experiment and create. You let me add love into your food, and you let me buy super fun ingredients. Thank You Thank You Thank You. a million trillion times Thank You.

“gratitude is the memory of the heart.” -French Proverb

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Carol Glusovich on July 30, 2013 at 5:19 pm

    Brian and Carol, from Cambria, appreciate YOU soooo much!! You are the highlight of the Farmer’s Markets!! Your soups are fantastic!! Thank you !!


  2. Posted by richard l. solomon on April 24, 2016 at 11:02 pm

    It is good that you recognize that SOUP COMES FIRST!! THEN you surf!! BTW: Who is this annoying, harassing person named “Richard”??
    (richard–in small letters)


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