Come on veggies!!!

So theres one or two weeks out of the year when the veggies seem to just… stop. The bunches of kale and chard are small, celery is nonexistent, the carrots are like orange toothpicks, and the bins (which are usually filled to the brim with produce) are picked over or empty mid way through the market. Well. That was the last two weeks and wanna know what typically happens next? A produce EXPLOSION. I’m anticipating this for this upcoming week so come on down and see if my produce predictions are accurate!!

Also, Mike Seroni has Cherimoyas (at the Baywood Market) so if you come for no other reason than that, you won’t be let down!

Here’s what you will find at the soup booth this week:

Monday in Baywood, Thursday in morro bay and Friday in cambria

1. Split Pea

2. Lemon-Herb Minestrone Gnocchi (last one of the season cause the next time minestrone is due there will be field tomatoes!!!)

I look forward to seeing you guys and don’t forget your jars!

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