How is it only 4:30?!

Oh man, you guys, daylight savings time messes with my brain something fierce! Thankfully, I’ve had a whole extra hour to prep kabocha squash for tomorrow’s soup.

I hope you guys all had a good weekend and are getting all stocked up on flashlights since it’s night when it’s supposed to be day now 😂 . Here’s what you will find at the soup booth this week: Monday in Baywood : 1. lentil with kabocha squash 2. Creamy turmeric potato Thursday in Morro Bay: 1. lentil with Butternut squash 2. Creamy turmeric potato Friday in Cambria: 1. Lentil with *suprise* squash 2. Creamy turmeric potato I look forward to seeing you guys and don’t forget your jars!

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