Woaaaa spring!

Octopus Carrot grown by and photographed by Jessica of Pepper Creek Farms

Well, that was a rather winter-like storm smack in the middle of springtime! Thanks for coming out, Cambria! You guys rock!  Sounds like more rain is on the way but our vendors are loaded up with spring harvest (including purple octopus carrots from Pepper Creek Farm) so don’t miss out on account of a few raindrops! 
Here’s what you will find at the soup booth this week: 

Monday in Baywood, Thursday in Morro Bay and Friday in Cambria: 

1. Creamy Carrot with Kandarian Farms Farro (Farro is an ancient form of wheat that does contain gluten, according to farmer, Larry Kandarian) 

2. Beluga Lentil Vegetable 

I Look forward to seeing you guys and don’t forget your jars! 

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