Farmer love


Wyatt, Paul and Jack McCall

A memorial service was held for long time cambria farmer, Jack McCall last Saturday. It was standing room only in the Cambria vets hall to honor this amazing man. Paul McCall, his son and guacamole guy plans to return to market in a few weeks. Jack was a very special human and he will be so missed at the market and the line up.

And on a lighter note…

Isn’t it nice to get back in the swing of things? Thanks to soup made with coconut oil (combined with Julia’s green juice) I’m back comfortably in my pants…I said pants, not bikini….and feeling good! I hope the new year has kicked off awesome for you guys! Here’s what you will find at the soup booth:

Monday in Baywood, Thursday in Morro Bay, and Friday in Cambria :
1.  Sweet potato black bean (it’s gonna be a little different this time cause the only organic sweet potatoes I could find were tiny)
2. Carrot ginger 

I look forward to seeing you guys and don’t forget your jars! Also, I had a customer ask me about milligrams of sodium in my soup. Well, figuring this out was waaaaay beyond my mathematical capabilities so I outsourced to smart people. I had no idea how many PhD educated Farmers we have! I was directed to Greg from the Gibson farm in Cambria who helped me figure out the density of pink salt, it’s percentage of sodium and combined with conversions of the  average amount of salt used in an average batch of soup, we found that there is about 230mg of sodium per 12 oz serving of soup.  Please don’t ask me exactly how we arrived at this…there were lots of numbers and symbols written on a paper bag. Now, please note that this is a generalization, bean Soups could contain more, brothy Soups would contain less, also this accounts for himalayan pink salt added, not naturally occurring sodium found in things like celery, tomatoes and kale. If you are on a very specific sodium diet, it’s just too difficult to assess the exact amount in each batch.


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