Fall, are you there?


This is tonto. I don't think you've met him yet.

I’ve got my sweaters and ugg boots all ready to go! Where are you Fall? Thanks to those of you who came to Morro bay and cambria for soup last week during a record breaking heat wave! Hopefully this week will give us some cooler temps…although we surfed without wetsuits again this weekend.

Here’s what you will find at the soup booth this week :

Monday in Baywood, Thursday in Morro Bay, and Friday in Cambria
1.  Heirloom tomato bisque  (likely the last one of tomato season…but who knows?)
2. Mushroom barley (my mushroom guy has a fresh harvest of oak log grown Shiitakes to help boost your immunity as we enter cold season)

I look forward to seeing you guys and don’t forget your jars!


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