Chantrelle success!

It’s a brand new year, wow! Eating more vegetables,  healthy fats and no sugar (definitely fell off that wagon over the holidays) are top of my list this year. ..good thing I am surrounded by healthy soup! I’m sure missing you Thursday folk…one more week and markets will resume at the Spencers parking lot. Here’s what’s goin on monday and Friday this week:

Monday in Baywood, Friday in Cambria : Roasted parsnip pear with walnut cream and red bean with barely and pasillas ( I can’t believe that Linda is growing pasillas in the middle of winter, I’m taking full advantage! )

**Also,  A price increase is eminent.  This saddens me but the cost of quality food ingredients has reached a point that in order to keep quality up to our standards, it must be done. I’d love to hear your feedback before I do this because I’ve been wrestling with the idea for a few months now. Here’s the “issue”: I’d like to make the switch to Himalayan pink salt and organic extra virgin coconut oil (currently,  I use sea salt and grape seed oil) and in order to do that, the cost to you to fill a jar would be $11 for all jars. I could keep things the way they are (ingredient wise) and increase the single jar to $11 but have a 2 for $20 deal, thus not increasing the price for most of you. Please please,  tell me what you think, your input is so important to me!

I look forward to seeing you guys and don’t forget your jars!


3 responses to this post.

  1. The switch sounds delicious to me and worth the teeny tiny price increase.


  2. Posted by Kerrie on December 29, 2014 at 6:16 pm

    I don’t mind keeping the ingredients the same, as there are health benefits in the grape seed oil and I love the idea of a 2 for $20 deal.


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