Hold down the fort!


Mom and I gathering nettle for the honey!

Man oh man has it been windy out there! Thanks to those of you who came out in the wind aaaaand the rain on Friday in Cambria! 


infusing the honey...

Mike and Carol Broadhurst of Dragon Springs Farm in Cambria gave me the last of their pumpkin crop for the year and its just enough to get through a week of unseasonably delicious pumpkin soup! Who knew!? I’ve been infusing some of our local honey with some freshly harvested nettle to add a little sweetness to the soup too…don’t worry, not too sweet!

Here are the soups for the week:
Monday in Baywood, Thursday in Morro Bay and Friday in Cambria,  Roasted Musque Pumpkin with Nettle Infused Honey and Adzuki Bean and Barley.

I look forward to seeing you guys and don’t forget your jars!


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