brittani and steph

there were 26 people counted in the soup line by the parking attendant at the farmers market in Cambira on Friday…woa guys. This week (and every week) I am thankful for Brittani, my lovely assistant, who made the line move at a nice steady pace. Hopefully you made some new friends who share your interest in vegan soup during your wait or caught up with some of the familiar faces you see each week =). Thank You again for your support and for treating your body right with fresh, sustainably produced soups!

side note: due to the line blocking the tamale guy in Cambira, I am being moved one space down next week, this should solve this problem and keep good relationships with the neighbors =)

Here’s whats cookin this week!

Monday in Baywood, Thursday in Morro bay and Friday in Cambira: Black Eyed Pea and Barley (apparently BEP’s are supposed to bring wealth to you in the new year…please note, wealth is subjective and this is not guarenteed =)) and Tempeh Menudo aka “hominy chili”

I look forward to seeing you all and don’t forget your jars!!

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