2014! WOA!

roastey butternut!

roastey butternut!

Well! Hello you guys! I hope you have all been busy praying for rain this week in between bites of pie and tofurkey. I spent Saturday on the ranch with my dad hauling wood around (that seems to be what you do on a ranch most of the time) and am happy to report that although Toro Creek is the lowest I have ever seen it, it is still flowing. In fact, I saw a frog and he seemed happy.

Ok, I know you came here for the soup report, not the weather report…so here you go…

Monday in Baywood (which has been repaved and is now tractor free), Thursday in Morro bay and Friday in Cambira: Roasted Butternut with Fennel and Thyme and Yellow Split Pea

I look forward to seeing you all and don’t forget your jars! Also, thanks for all the sweet holiday wishes and goodies! I feel so special that you guys think of your soup lady for the holidays =) Happy New Year!


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