Merry happy everything!


A big happy holidays to all of you! I hope your week is filled with comfort and joy ( and joycups for that matter)! Dont forget that the farmers market is a bounty for last minute Christmas presents! May I suggest a lovely farmers market soup cookbook… : )

Anywhoo…here’s what’s goin on with the soup this week

Monday in Baywood: cashew broccoli and Moroccan Lentil

Thursday in morro bay: no soup!

Friday in Cambria: cashew broccoli and Moroccan Lentil

I look forward to seeing you all.and don’t forget your jars!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Happy holidays from your two New Yawwk fans. We’ll be back on the left coast on 1/8, Bell Jars at the ready.


    • Happy Holidays to you as well, Joe and Helen!!! I hope you had a fantastic New York Christmas! I’ll be celebrating the New Year with you east coasters ’cause I can never stay up till Midnight so Happy east coast new year to you as well! Thanks for reaching out!


  2. Hope you had a fabulous Christmas Stephanie! I really enjoy reading your posts by the way đŸ™‚ See you next week as usual, Nancy (of Nancy and Steve)


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