Whew! What an amazing week for the soup booth! So many new faces! If you newbies are reading this welcome and thank You so much for coming by!

More customers means more help for the soup lady, so our lovely Brittani who helps in Baywood will be joining us on Fridays in Cambria as well. Brittani has promised to come early too (I know you are reading this Jackie and Donna) : ) Big Nick will still be helping set up the booth and keep the soup pots full. It also seems that its time to increase production yet again, a new huge stainless steel pot should be arriving just after Thanksgiving!

Here’s the very limited soup schedule for this holiday week. I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving!

Monday in Baywood: roasted cauliflower leek and Turkish Bride Soup

Thursday in morro bay and Friday in Cambria, no soup, happy thanksgiving!

I look forward to seeing you all and dont forget your jars!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Ha!! You know that my offer still stands if Brittani doesn’t show! I’l love to ladle soup with you 🙂


  2. I have no idea who you are or where you are… but I was looking for a Farmer’s Market soup recipe that a friend once made for me… 14 beans, bacon or something – – just YUM yum yum…

    Then you appeared. I don’t have words to share that appreciate your unexpected appearance… but… I am still looking for a soup recipe.

    (do I call you soup goddess?????) Can you help?


    • Ha Ha! Hi Mike! Glad you stumbled across me, soup goddess is much preferred to “soup nazi” so many thanks for that =). Anyway, I don’t think I can offer you much help with the re-creation of your friend’s bean and bacon soup as all my recipes are vegetarian (please don’t write me off at this point). HOWEVER, I am told that bacon makes anything taste good so it seems as though you are on the right track. I do have a cookbook for sale http://www.farmersmarketpublishing.com and while all the recipies are vegan, there are quite a few that are bean and “something” and you could just omit some of the oil at the beginning of the process and toss in some pieces of bacon to saute with the onions and garlic instead and then use a meat based stock rather than a veggie stock for any of my recipes. (I would take no offence…I’m not one of THOSE types of vegetarians). Hope this helps, sorry for the delayed response, I haven’t checked the comments on the blog for a while. Hope you had a happy holiday and have a lovely New Year!


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