well guys, its been all about layers this week! (as it usually is on the central coast) In Cambira on Friday, I started out in shorts and a tank top and ended up in long pants and my heaviest parka…who woulda thought? Anywhoo, there is a chance of rain this week so you may want to haul your umbrella with you along with your jar this week. Let me apologize to those of you who didn’t get soup last week at the grocery stores, I’ll be sure to get everyone stocked back up this week! Heres the plan at the soup booth:

Monday in Baywood: tempeh menudo (look for hominy chili on the ingredients list) and Carrot Ginger

Thursday in Morro Bay and Friday in Cambira: Pesto Minestrone and Turksih Bride Soup

I look forward to seeing you all and don’t forget your jars!

Also, A heads up for anyone planning on gifting the cookbook for Mother’s day, Im down to 5 for the markets and its looking like the stores are running low as well (you can find them at Coalesce in Morro Bay as well as Sunshine Health Foods, Spice of Life in Paso Robles, New Frontiers in San Luis Obispo as well as Fordens and Turn to Nature, The Avila Barn in Avila, as well as Jada winery to list a few…. We will likely run out of the first edition by June and there may be a few weeks when we are waiting for the new shipment to arrive…second ediditon…woooo hoooo!!!!! Also, in case you haven’t heard, Sam Peck, photograper of Central Coast Farmers Market Soups has TWO new books coming out in late July, Coastal Zen and Mountian Spirits. I HIGHLY reccomend checking previews of these out on our website The man is a genious. Thanks for reading and see you soon!


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  1. Posted by sam on May 5, 2013 at 6:46 pm

    I’ll share my stash if you run low at the soup booth. Books not at Jada. Thanks for your kind words! Can I eat the TBS? I had big success with the white bean hummus.


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