Off to a great start!

hers Amber and Landon...Landon is so big now compared to this picture!

hers Amber and Landon…Landon is so big now compared to this picture!

Can you guys believe that rainstorm on Saturday night!?!!? My parents measured a little under 2 inches of rain overnight! WOWZA! Looks like blue (sort of) skies for Monday’s market tomorrow so come on by for a couple of new flavors. Also, Im running a couple of favorites for the rest of the week!

Monday in Baywood: Cashew Cream of Roasted Fennel (the bulb, not the seed) and Spiced Chick Pea with Butternut Squash

Thursday in Morro Bay and Friday in Cambira: Split Peas and Green Minestrone Gnocchi

I look forward to seeing you all, and don’t forget your jars!

Also: Im going to start this on a trial basis. There are so many of you who have to work (which I totally respect) and can’t get to the market before I sell out, sooooooo, if you arrive at the market and my “all gone” sign is out. You may leave your jar(s) with me (please make sure your name and market location is written on the lid, eg: “stephanie, Baywood”) I will then fill them for the next market at which the location is noted. eg: stephanie, baywood will get soup, guarenteed at the next baywood market that can be picked up during the regular market hours. Here’s the catch: I wont know what soup you want or what soups I will be serving that week so it will have to be a suprise. (please note if you have any food allergies on your jar as well). Also, you will need to pay for your soup at the time of drop off (not that I don’t trust you). Its the best I can do at this time for those of you who have asked to have soup saved for them, thanks for your patience! Also, this is what I have come up with, if you have a better plan, please let me know!


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