New year, New soups!


Happy new year you guys! Again, thank you thank you for your continuing support of the cookbooks. I hope all your gift recipients were pleased as well!
I have been searching the market for new and exiting soup ideas and I’m going to test some our starting this Thursday. I love feedback so please let me know what you think of them….its always good to know if we have a new “keeper”

Monday in baywood: carrot ginger and Moroccan lentil ( a heads up Mondiay folks, ill be by myself on the ladle this week, brittani is in San Francisco for new years, so if you are in a big hurry, feel free to drop your jar off before the market starts, sorry in advance for any delay. )

Thursday in morro bay and Friday in Cambria: spiced chickpea with lemongrass and butternut squash along with cashew cream of roasted fennel.
( both are gluten free, the roasted fennel will be paleo friendly as well ). Ingredients to come….still in testing phase : )

I look forward to seeing you all and don’t forget your jars!


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