Happy holidays!


Hi guys! No soup on monday. Check the north county farmers market facebook site for a holiday farmers market schedule. I hope you all have a very cozy holiday filled with friends, family and lots of yummy food! Here’s the plan for the rest of the week!

Thursday in morro bay: Moroccan lentil and cashew carrot
Friday in Cambria: Moroccan lentil and cashew carrot

I look forward to seeing you all and don’t forget your jars!

Please note: we have found a little glitch in the cookbook..it effects about every 10 books. If you have any problems with your book in the first few pages please exchange it for a good one at the soup booth. Sorry about that!

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  1. Posted by deanna onozuka on December 29, 2012 at 3:59 am

    Hi Stephanie. I saw the great book @ Sunshine in Morro Bay. How can I get 2 signed copies? I need to send one to Mike Perry in Maui and the other as a gift for another foodie person

    Thanks – Congrats



    • Hi Deanna, please stop on by any of the farmers markets where I sell soup (monday in Baywood, Thursday in Morro Bay and Friday in Cambira). Thanks for grabbing some copies!


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