Kelly Slater, world champion surfer and total babe

Well, Cambria had a little visit from a legend last Friday! Kelly Slater, 11x world champion sufer (and total hunk) stopped by the market on his way down the coast from the Coldwater Classic surf contest in Santa Cruz. He waited for a bit in the soup line but apparently after surfing maxed out Teopoo, Tahiti you no longer have patience to wait in a soup line so he bought some joy cups from my booth neighbor instead. So exiting for our little town!

Book update: the cookbook will be here December 10th! I will be taking pre-orders the first week of December. I will be accepting credit cards, checks and of course, good ole’ cash. The book will be sold as a separate transaction from the soup, so just a heads up on that.

Holiday Schedule Update:
I will be taking the week off after Thanksgiving as well as the week off after Christmas. I will be in Baywood the Monday before Thanksgiving. Please continue to check the blog with exact dates I will be gone =)

And finally, this weeks soups!
Monday in Baywood, Thursday in Morro Bay adn Friday in Cambria: Split P and Carrot Ginger
*note, because Monday is a holiday, Im not in my regular commerial kitchen. I have been moved to a commercial kitchen with less space and will not be able to make as much soup as usual so if you are really banking on soup this monday, you may want to drop off jars early (as early as 1:00 is fine)

I look forward to seeing you all and dont forget your jars!

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  1. Whoo! Made the day for Mr. Joycup, who happened to get in a nice early mornin’ surf sesh in himself that day. Love this place, love your soups šŸ˜‰


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