Jars Jars Jars

lovin some hierloom carrots!

Well you may have found yourself wondering how am I going to haul all these jars of farmers market goodness back to my house! Between the soup, Julia’s juice and now Danny’s bloody mary mix you may have about 4 mason jars to contend with so allow me to pass on some of the wisdom I have seen from some of my jar toting customers. I have seen the follwing methods work with great success:
Grocery store wine bags: you can get them for free when you buy a bottle of wine from most major grocery stores, they can hold up to 4 jars and have handy dividers which keep the jars from klinking together
Socks: Can’t find the other sock in the pair, don’t despair! Use it to wrap your jars keeping the hot food hot and the cold food cold while you shop and it keeps your jars safe from klinking too
A basket with towells: the towells keep the jars from hitting one another, plus, you can put other stuff in there too!
And always, if you find yourself with too much to carry, we are happy to keep your items safe for you at the soup booth. Just make sure your name is somewhere on your stuff!

Heres what you can put in your jars this week:

Monday in Baywood: Chipotle Black Bean and Roasted Eggplant with Heirloom tomato

Thursday in Morro Bay: Chipotle Black Bean and Roasted Eggplant with Heirloom tomato

Friday in Cambria: Chipotle Black Bean and Tomato Carrot Bisque

I look forward to seeing you and don’t forget your jars!


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