Happy happy thankful thankful!


Well let me start off this week by saying how thankful I am for your loving and positive support of my business. For three years in rain, wind….and even those really hot days you have come with your jars and your smiles and for that I am so thankful everyday for your continuing support!
Ok! On to soups!

Monday in baywood : Thai pumpkin and Mung bean wild rice.
Im bringing some help with me tomorrow so hopefully your jars will be filled a little faster so you can get on with your holiday shopping. Feel free to drop your jars off between 115 and 145 to be filled …remember I can’t accept payment until after 2 pm but there’s no need to wait in line at that point.

Thursday and friday: no soups at the market.  Happy thanksgiving!

I loom forward to seeing you and don’t forget your jars!


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