wow, looks like it going to start raining early again this year! Looks like Monday will be dry then rain on Tuesday and Wednesday with some big waves hitting the central coast on Wednesday morning. What an eventfull week it will be!

I had the wonderful opportunity given to me by Sandra Diamond, manager of the North County Farmers Market Assoiciation to attent this years Sunset Magazine’s Savor the Central Coast event at the Santa Margarita Ranch. What a beautiful and tasty event it was, so much great food prepared by local chefs, wine tasting, beer tasting, and even some fancy car driving! If you have a chance to attend this event next year, I would highly reccommend it, its a wonderful opportunity to gain awareness of those restaurants on the central coast who are dedicated to using local products. I must say I was most impressed overall with the food tasting from Chef Sean of Luna Red in San Luis Obispo, he had a beet and avocado taretare which was so lovely and beautifuly presented.

ok onto soups this week! a heads up…I will not be at the Cambria Market this Friday!

Monday in Baywood: Cashew Corn Chowder and Mung Bean Wild Rice with Sundried Tomato and Fennel Bulb

Thursday in Morro Bay: Tomato Bisque and Moroccan Lentil

Friday in Cambria: Sorry Guys, Im out of town for the weekend, see you next Friday!

Just in Case I don’t get back in time to update the blog for next Monday’s Market, I’ll be there with Tomato Bisque and Moroccan Lentil. I look forward to seeing you all and don’t forget your jars!!!


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  1. Posted by nsawyer on October 18, 2011 at 3:11 am

    Chef Sean of Luna Red is one of the culinary stars of San Luis Obispo. His specials and cocktails are always unique, fresh, and flavorful. Their lunch service is also great.


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