its gonna be a crazy week

So, somewhere between the Monday farmers market and the Friday Farmers market in Cambria, Im going to Catalina Island…this seems crazy to me, bu Im going to make this “last of summer” trip happen! What this means is that the lovely and talented Brittani will be filling in for me at the Morro Bay market on Thursday (same program as usual for Monday and Friday, except that your soup girl may be a litte tired and sunburned). On Thursday, Brittani will be selling frozen soups only. I have prepared a few baches of your favorites to keep you stocked up till I return with hot soups next week. So, heres the break down:

Monday in Bawood: Roasted Heirloom Tomato Carrot Bisque and Turkish Red Lentil

Thursday in Morro Bay: a lovely variety of frozen soups, $8 for 28 oz package or 2 packages for $15

Friday in Cambria: Tuscan White Bean (made with roasted heriloom tomaotes) and Cashew Carrot Orange

I look forward to seeing you and don’t forget your jars…except on Thursday…cause there will be no hot soup till next week.


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