the soup is back from vacation

hey there everybody! I just pulled in from a few days away in alpine county near tahoe. It was a wonderful, relaxing time spent with family plus a new baby girl named Harper. I am happy to be home and when I pulled in from Old Creek Road and saw the fog bank I can not tell you how happy I was! Thanks for a few days off and Im so glad to be back to the kitchen…Im so lucky to love what I do! Heres whats cookin this week:

Monday in Baywood: Mung Bean Lentil and Wild Rice (for recipe see: mung bean and wild rice, just add in some lentils…heck I may even through in some chick peas in that mix! )and Cashew Carrot Orange

Thursday in Morro Bay: Red Lentil and Roasted Zucchini with Lemon Garlic Cashew Cream

Friday in Cambria: Chipotle Black Bean and Cashew Carrot Orange

I look forward to seeing you and don’t forget your jars!  (I’ll post pics of the trip next week)


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