will it ever not be windy?

thanks for holding in for dear life during these past few weeks…to tell you the truth, Ive had enough wind for now…bring on that summer fog! I hope you all are having a fun memorial day weekend, and just a reminder that the market will be up and runnin for the holiday on Monday. Here’s what you will find amongst the lovely fruits and vegetables: Split Pea and Roasted Cauliflower leek.  These are a couple of the favorites, so remember to get there early with your jars. Remember, you can have your jar filled before the start of the market, but I can’t take any money till the opeing bell/whistle/gong is rung/blown/gonged. I look forward to seeing you all…and by now…I don’t even need to remind you to bring your jars =).

Oh and Los Osos, I am quite sorry, I will not be bringing any frozen soups tomorrw…everything was gobbled up last week, should you need to restock, frozen soups are avialable at Sunshine Heath Foods in Morro Bay and New Frontiers in San Luis Obispo.


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