who knew?

So customer of mine informed me that he has lost 17 pounds by including Farmers Market Inspired Soups to his “weight watchers” diet. What a champ! For some more reading on the subject of soups and weight maintanance, here is an article about a study done by Penn State with a grant from the National Institutes of Health http://heartcurrents.com/weight-loss-strategy-eat-soup/. When planning soups for the week, I always have my customers health as a top priority. In fact, my own health was a huge motivating factor in starting this business, I wanted a good strategy to eat more vegetables! I always try to inlcude a large amount of leafy green antioxidant rich vegetables to the soups such as Kale, Chard, and Spinach, typically I add 4-5 bunches of these leafy greens to any givenbatch of soup…making sure each bowl has a hefty serving!  So cheers to staying healthy and happy!

heres the soups making an appearance at the farmers market this week! Potato Leek and Chipotle Black Bean. the black bean does have a bit of a kick…but can easily be toned down by adding a bit of yogurt on top, or you could mix the two soups together for a creamier meal! I look forward to seeing you all and don’t forget your jars!

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