and a little oregno...

So, I was up visiting my parents at thier ranch off Toro Creek Road and watched a lovely snow storm from the living room, a few minutes later, the clouds lifted to uncover an entire mountian range blanketed in snow! While my family was awestruck  by the rare beauty of this event, my father cringed, thinking of his beautiful Organic Meyer Lemon crop with a light dusting of snow suffocating each perfect lemon. The damage is yet to be seen, typically the crop takes three weeks to show the damaging effects of frost. So please think happy thoughts that he grew especially hearty lemons this year that could withstand the cold!

Moving on to….SOUPS! Here is whats happinin at the farmers market booth! Cashew Cream of Broccoli and White Bean Vegetable will be found at the stand this week. The new crops of broccoli coming into the market are absolutely beautiful! Dark Green, firm stalks and likely picked an hour before they arrive at the market for the ultimate in texture, flavor and nutrition. Take advandage! The broccoli I purchased for this weeks soups came from Mauro Perez and it is absolutely perfect! I look forward to seeing you and don’t forget your jars!


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