So if you haven’t noticed, Im a fan of using nuts in my soups! Nuts are a healthful and tasty addition to vegan soups and replace flavor and texture missing by the lack of more carnivourous additions. Also, some nuts, especially cashews have been said to be effetive in eliminating the symptoms of depression and anxiety to the extent of being compared to a dose of prozac (with out all the harmful side effects, of course). See, Mom! I am using my psychology degree!  Ok, that being said…On to Soups!

the plan this week is to again serve up the same soups at all the markets (monday in baywood, thursday at spencers in morro bay, and friday in cambria) So heres whats cookin! Moroccan Lentil and Curried Peanut.  Jorge at the Baywood market is continuing to produce heirloom tomaotes in January with out the use of a green house so both soups will be full of that goodness! both soups will be vegan and gluten free. I look forward to seeing you all and don’t forget your jars!


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  1. Posted by Kay Bolin on January 15, 2011 at 10:19 pm

    I LOVE your soups, and now I’m happy to have found your website! I noticed that you do not have either of this week’s soups on your “ingredients lists” page. That page is really valuable to me because of various food allergies I have. I hope you can update that page in your “spare time”.



    • Hi Kay, I will be sure to keep up on those, feel free to remind me or email directly at if you have any further questions or if I have served a soup and not posted its ingredients. Although it may be too late now, I will post last weeks soup ingredints immediately…and be sure to list this weeks upcoming soups! take care and thank you for your comment.


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