Another Beautiful December day!

Hello Everyone!  Aren’t we thankful to live on the Central Coast of California!?! After a beautiful walk on the beach this

manzano peppers from linda de la cruz, can you handle them? HOT!!

morning, Im heading off to the kitchen to roast some Heriloom Tomatoes I purchaced from George at the market. I believe its the last of his crop so say good bye to the tomatoes till next year! I was able to can some this year for some possible uses in future soups, but take advantage on Monday of some Roasted Heirloom Tomato Bisque, alongside some Split Pea and also some Cashew Cream of Spinach. Oh Los Osos, I am trying to keep up with your demand for soups! Thank You so much for your patronage and support! Morro Bay’s market will have Split Pea and Cashew Cream of Spinach and Friday in Cambria you will find Curried Musque Pumpkin and Split Pea.

On a rather unfortunate note, it has come to my attention that my business has been slandered around town by a restaurant owner in Morro Bay.  The individual has not come forward with who she is so I have not had the opportunity to defend myself to her , but please allow me to defend myself to you, my customers, in case false information reaches you. I prepare all of my soups in a health department certified kitchen, I am licenced and insured and 100% compliant with the health department regulations for food service, if I was not I would not be allowed to sell my product at the farmers market so you can assume this of any of the food vendors at any of the farmers markets on the central coast are equally compliant. On behalf of all of us trying to make a living at the farmers markets, thank you for your continuing support of local businesses, chefs and farmers.

…whew…as always, I look forward to seeing you and dont forget your jars!


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