winter wonderland

hello again! Well, Ive been searching and searching and finally, I have found my pumpkins! I know you were all concerned. Thanks to Diane, manager of the Morro Bay market,  for growing some beautiful musque de provance pumpkins and bringing me 100 pounds for the roasting! So you guessed it! Mondays soups will be Gingered Pumpkin (contains dairy) and Chana Masala, Thursdays soups will be tempeh chili and Heirloom tomato bisque,  and Fridays soups will be Curried Pumpkin with macadamia cream and Chipotle Black Bean. Thanks to the Perez family for growing such beautiful peppers for the black bean soup!

Also, I was mentioned in an article in the food section in the new times, check it out if you have  a chance, thanks Kathy Hardesty for all the kind words about the little soup business!

this is where I dissappeared to last week, markleeville, california. it was covered in snow when we arrived.


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