what a nice day for a sun dried tomato

hello there! Well, currently in my front yard, there are 4 screens of sliced tomatoes on day two of lounging in the sunshine getting ready for thier big debut in Mung Bean and Wild Rice with Sundried Tomato and Fennel.  Starring alongside the mung bean will be my first ever attempt at Corn Chowder.  I went to the farmers market in Templeton this weekend to pick up ingredients for this soup and if quality says anything about the end product, it will be amazing! Matt at Bounty of the Valley Organic Farm sold me a case of Organic Sweet Corn that looked like it had come off the stalk that morning, fresh and green husk and tender kernels of white corn bursiting with the flavor of the season, then if it could get even better after that, Anita Perez sold me 5 red bell peppers the size of my head, I gave her a high 5 for growing such amazing peppers! She said she will have the peppers at monday’s market, so if you are a fan, these are the ones to get!  Unfortunately, there was a mishap with the soup that was intended to be frozen for this market, so it will be only the ready to eat soups this week, so, I look forward to seeing you and don’t forget your jars!

beaufiful freesas at the Cambria Farmers Market


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  1. Posted by HEATHER on October 10, 2010 at 9:22 pm

    STEPH! out of control goodness, that’s all I can say… 🙂


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