final hoorah

hey everyone, welcome to the last big week of summer till we are all officially back to the grind! Here are some comforting soups to make the treck back to work a bit more pleasant. In Los Osos, soups will be Lentil Vegetable and Mushroom Wild Rice.  On Friday in Cambria, soups will be Split Pea and Coconut Carrot Ginger, I look forward to seeing you all and don’t forget your jars!

ps: A woman came up to me in Cambria and said she emailed me about the delivery program, I never got the email, so in case its you…feel free to get ahold of me at or 805-440-5428. Thanks!

some beautiful lisbon lemons from McCall farms, have you tried thier guacamole?


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  1. I just had to taste the Mushroom Wild Rice Soup and Lentil Soup I purchased from you today- even though they are for a special dinner tomorrow. Delicous!! and, yes, I stocked up on both the lemons you picture and the avocados from McCall farms- wonderful!


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