what do may showers bring?

hello soup eaters and farmers market shoppers! Heres what Im planning for Monday’s Market. Hot soups will be Roasted Cauliflower Leek and White Bean Vegetable. Frozen soups will be Cashew Cream of Spinach and Split Pea.

Last weekend, my parents and I drove up to Templeton, as you know if you read the post from last week =). Well, after we stopped at Happy Acres Family Farm, we headed out to Olea Farms just down the road and learned all about olive oil. We did a tasting of 8 different oils, many who’s flavors varied due to time of harvest, more bitter being earlier harvest and more buttery being later harvest. If you have a chance to stop by their little farm stand you can taste tons of yummy products and get quite a lesson in olives from the grower himself! They are now carrying an organic olive oil produced by thier friends in Paso, its the first certified organic olive oil on the central coast and Olea stand is the only place to find it! Check it out!

Yeves and Jerry from Olea farms, Templeton


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