tour de Templeton

hey guys! I must share some photos of my trip up to Happy Acres Family Farm! In case you don’t know, they are at the booth right next to me on Monday’s market selling the most amazing goats cheese you will ever have along with the most luxurious lotions and face creams that the family produces all themselves right on the farm. WOW.  They will also be carrying my frozen soups at theier farm stand on Templeton road in Templeton. If you are heading up the 101 exit on vineyard and take a right on templeton road then drive for a bit till you see a bunch of goats…then you are there! Definately worth the drive, you can even feed the goats peanuts…could it get any better!?!But, back to business, Monday’s soups will be Southwestern Black Bean and Minestrone. Frozen soup will be Tempeh Chili. Cant wait to see you there and dont forget your jars!

Happy Acres farm Stand

one of 204 hard working ladies at Happy Acres


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