April Showers

I know my way around a shovel. 2 days a week I work on my dad's organic farm.

…April showers bring May flowers…but the flowers are already here! I scored some AMAZING tulips at the market last week…so many colors and they even had ruffles! I would love to go on and on about the beautiful flowers at the market, but lets talk soup! Monday’s hot soups will be Potato Leek in Lemon Sage Cream and White Bean Vegetable the potato leek will be made with organic butter and cream so its vegetarian and the white bean vegetable will be vegan. Frozen soups will be White Bean Vegetable and Lentil Vegetable. Look forward to seeing you all! Im so proud of you guys, last week I only sold 10 paper cups thanks to your jars! Think of all the trees we are saving every week! Go us! Beacause of your responsibility, here is my pledge to you, when I go shopping for supplies (sample cups, paper cups, dry beans etc…) I will not be using any plastic or paper bags, I will also buy all dry beans directly from bulk bins whenever possible to eliminate packaging.  And, as always, vegetables will be purchaced directly from pesticide free farmers, unpackaged and ingredients will be all natural, always. Does anyone have any ideas for sampling soups that would not produce so much plastic waste?


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