Hello there soup eaters! thanks for coming out last week and trying the new frozen soups available from the farmer’s market stand! I hope you enjoyed the convienience of just putting them in the fridge overnight to thaw and then heating them up for a fresh, easy meal! Tomorrows Hot soup will be Orange Ginger Sweet Potato with Cashew Cream and Mung Bean and Wild Rice with Leeks and Sundried Tomatoes.  Both soups will be vegan. Tomorrow’s Frozen Soups will be Tempeh Chili and Orange Ginger Sweet Potato with Cashew Cream.

Also, I had a lot of requests for the recipie of the Orange Ginger Sweet Potato Soup, so here it is (please note that I’m not big on measuring, so your’s might be a bit different)

For 6 servings

3 peeled, diced yams or 1 sweet potato, 2 lbs fresh carrot chopped into 1″ rounds, one yellow onion diced, 3 T. fresh ginger peeled and chopped, 1T Orange zest, 2 T expeller pressed grapeseed oil,  1/4 cup cream sherry (for deglaze), 1/2 lb raw cashews soaked overnight, 1tsp nutmeg, 1tsp clove, 1tsp cinnamon, 1tsp himalayan rock salt (or table salt if you don’t have any of the fancy stuff), 1tsp cayenne (optional, if you like a kick), filtered water as needed

in 8qt sauce pan, sautee onion in oil on med heat for 20-30 min until carmalized, add zest and ginger and cook for additional 5 min, deglaze pan with cream sherry (to deglaze means to get all the stuff that’s stuck to the bottom with some kind of liquid, usually wine or stock). Pour in yams and carrots and spices, mix with oil and onion then add filtered water about one inch or so above the level of the yams and carrots. Bring to a light boil, then immediately turn to low heat, cook for about 10-15 min till carrots are tender. Once tender, puree with an immersion blender or transfer into food proccessor till smooth and return to pot.

This is kaley, the wonderful man who helps inspire it all.

While carrots/yams are cooking, rinse and drain cashews and transfer into blender, add filered water to about 1″ above level of cashew and puree the S*#t out of them. If you have a low power blender, you will want to run the cream through a colinder before adding to soup. Once smooth, add to soup and heat to desired temperature, you may want more salt, but its up to you at this point, serve immediately and garnish with orange zest if you like


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