Here’s whats Cookin!

Chantrelle Mushrooms from the ranch, cant wait for more!

Hey there folks! Heres whats cookin this week! Im servin up a Black Bean Tortilla Soup and Orange Ginger Sweet Potato. Both soups will be vegan, the orange ginger sweet potato will be made with cashew cream.  Also, thank you all for being so great about bringing your jars! Last week in Los Osos, I actually sold more soup in jars than in paper cups…well done you guys! I bought some 32 oz jars, they were $1 a piece and I’ll bring them to the markets in case you don’t have one, you can buy one from me at my cost. Hopefully more chantrelles popped up after the rain, if so, I will make more soups with them! See you soon and Thank You for your support!


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  1. oooh look at YOU! and those beauties! we made delish risotto with the ones you gave Davy. Thank you!
    i love you


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