I promise, I won’t make turkey soup!

hey all! I can’t wait to get back to the markets after having a whole week off! I hope you all had an AWESOME Thanksgiving full of love, family, and friends. I have countless things to be thankfull for and one is you guys, my amazing, supportive soup eaters! This week the soup’s on with TEMPEH CHILI and ARTICHOKE GNOCCHI.  The chili is vegan, the “meat like” stuff in it is tempeh, a fermented soy product I have become ever so fond of over the years of being a vegetarian, tempeh is loaded with a very digestable protein and it has a hearty texture that will give you more energy than you could ever want! Gnocchi is a type of potato pasta, it does contain some flour, but about 80% of the dough is potato. I can’t wait to see you at the market…Im gonna go for now, the cornbread for the tempeh chili needs to come out of the oven! oh, and don’t forget your 32 oz containers (with a good lid) cause they are only $10 to fill up at the market…that saves $2!! See you soon!


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