Its gonna be a good day!

Farmer’s Market shoppers of Los Osos and Cambria! Feel free to come hungry to the market and taste our farmer’s market inspired soups. Here’s the deal: We buy all the veggies in our soups from our local farmers. We make our soups right before the market to ensure they come to you hot and fresh. We will bring you two vegetarian soups each week inspired by the fruits, veggies, and cheeses you see right there at the market. Please check this blog for the week’s upcoming inspired soups and more information about our growing business. We THANK YOU for your support in our mission to bring awareness to the hardworking farmers of the central coast and give you a little taste of thier dedication to fresh and local produce.  For Monday in Los Osos (November 16th) and Friday in Cambria (November 20th) our farmers market inspired soups will be TOM KHA (THAI COCONUT LEMONGRASS) and BROCCOLI CHEDDAR BISQUE. We hope to see you there! -Stephanie and Kaley


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